Main UN resolutions


Find here a list of all the main UN Resolutions


Res. 242 Nov. 22nd 1967 Middle East

Requests the withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict

Respect of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states in the area



Res. 338 Oct. 22nd 1973 Cease-fire in the Middle East



Res. 660 Aug. 2nd 1990 Iraq-Kuwait

Condemns the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, demands the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from their positions on Aug. 1st



Res. 678 Nov. 29 1990 Iraq-Kuwait

Requests Iraq to comply with res. 660



Res. 688 Apr. 5 1991 Iraq

Iraqi repression on Kurdish populations

“Insists that Iraq allow immediate access by international humanitarian organizations to all those in need of assistance in all parts of Iraq and make available all necessary facilities for their operations”



Res. 770 Aug. 13 1992 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Stop fighting

Access to prisons, camps and detention centres for humanitarian purposes



Res. 794 Dec. 3rd 1992 Somalia

Operation “Restore hope”



Res. 940 July 31st 1994 on authorization to form a multinational force under unified command and control to restore the legitimately elected President and authorities of the Government of Haiti and extension of the mandate of the UN Mission in Haiti

The situation is considered a menace for regional peace and security


Res. 1101 March 28th 1997 Albania

Reaffirms the sovereignty of Albania, decides an operation of three months



Res. 1368 Sept. 12th 2001 Threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts

The UNSC condemns the 9/11 attacks, calls states to work together, “expresses its readiness to take all necessary steps to respond to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, and to combat all forms of terrorism, in accordance with its responsibilities under the Charter of the United Nations”.


Res. 1422 July 12th 2002 United Nations peacekeeping

The jurisdiction of the ICC over persons involved in UN peacekeeping operations is suspended for one year, starting on July 1st.



Res. 1441 Nov. 8th 2002 The situation between Iraq and Kuwait

Iraq in breach of former resolution, particularly res. 687 (April 3rd 1991), must provide immediately full access to UNMOVIC, IAEA, etc. for inspections of biological, chemical and nuclear facilities.



Res. 1487 June 12th 2003 United Nations peacekeeping

Same as res. 1422.



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